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First home buyer? Here is the 101 first home buyers guide!

Hi, my name is Stephen Robertson and I am a Registered Financial Adviser based in Auckland. I have a long history of helping New Zealanders purchase their first home.

I am often asked: 

What can I afford?
How much will it cost?
How long does it take?

Mortgage Brokering is not simply about negotiating a rate or processing a loan. About 80% of what we do is helping clients through the whole house buying process. 

Here’s some important information you need to know

We have put together a free downloadable guide to help you through the process.

What you will know:

  1. Everything you want to know about a First Home Buyer Mortgage
  2. Saving your Deposit for a First Home
  3. Help from the Government
  4. Considerations when choosing what and where to Buy
  5. Getting your First Home Buyer Mortgage
  6. Lawyers Fees, Builders Reports and LIM’s
  7. Step by step timeline of the mortgage process in NZ

Your first home buyers guide is on its way

Getting your First Home Buyer Mortgage

Your first mortgage or home loan is likely to be the greatest financial commitment you will ever have to make. When buying a house you will probably look at dozens of properties before deciding on one you like. You should give similar consideration when it is time to choose which mortgage is the best one for you. Over time these careful considerations could save you thousands of dollars over the length of your mortgage payments.

There are lots of different types of mortgages available they each have their own degree of flexibility, fees and interest rates. These are all factors to consider when calculating the affects of costs and how long it will take to pay the mortgage off. You can shop around for a mortgage yourself but why not use the (free) services of an approved mortgage broker.

An experienced mortgage broker will get the best home loan deal for you. They are not tied to any particular bank or lending company so they will review all that is being offered and work out which one is the best to achieve your goals – which may include:

  • Getting the best possible interest rates to reduce your repayments
  • Paying off the loan as quickly as possible
  • Using a home loan to finance other purchases
  • Making sure you get enough money for what you want to purchase. Often one bank’s max borrowing level is not even close to what can be offered at another bank. This can mean the difference between a sale settling or not

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