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Business Insurance

Income Protection

Income Protection Insurance keeps your lifestyle going by paying up to 75% of your income if you were unable to work due to injury, illness or disability. When the unexpected happens, we know what matters is if you can manage your expenses (mortgage, rent, food, utilities) while you recover.

Key Person Assurance

The loss of a key person within an organisation can be a devastating blow to any business leading to serious financial problems to the company. While income insurance is vital for those in paid employment, if you are a business owner, key person insurance may well be a better option.

Loss of Revenue Protection

A natural disaster like an earthquake or flooding can affect business in more ways than just exterior damage; it can directly affect the people we employ. Covering your business and your people is exactly what Loss of Revenue offers, helping you cover income costs after a major disaster and looking after what’s most important to the business: the people you employ.

Farmers Disability

Farmers can’t just call in sick. If you are unable to work it is a serious issue and your absence can cause major problems for you and your farm. Farmer’s Disability Income can provide a monthly benefit for a set period of time while you focus on getting healthy.

Shareholder protection assurance

You might have to buy the shares of the affected shareholder at a moment's notice – how do you pay for this? Shareholder Protection insurance is the most cost efficient way of raising the funds. Funds will be made available for the surviving shareholder to acquire the shares of a deceased or disabled shareholder.

Group life - Employee Benefits

Many companies offer employees group life, disability and medical benefits in their employment package to attract and retain quality employees. For employees who fit this profile, they are guaranteed to be accepted for life and permanent disability cover. 

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