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Shareholder Protection Assurance

For a successful company who has seen the company shares increase over a period of time as the company has grown, the loss of a director and shareholder can be financially devastating. 

An insurance funded buy and sell agreement is a means of creating cash exactly when required for the ongoing shareholder to purchase a deceased or seriously disabled shareholders interest in a business.

A buy/sell agreement ensures that the cash is used as intended. The document can include an agreed price, and how the price is determined.

Protect your assets and future.

Do I need Shareholder Protection Assurance?

You might have to buy the shares of the affected shareholder at a moment's notice – how do you pay for this?

Shareholder Protection insurance is the most cost efficient way of raising the funds. Funds will be made available for the surviving shareholder to acquire the shares of a deceased or disabled shareholder. 

Shareholder Protection insurance enables you to protect the capital value of your business.

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