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Key Person Assurance

The loss of a key person within an organisation can be a devastating blow to any business leading to serious financial problems to the company. By putting in place key person assurance the cover is designed to provide a capital injection into the business upon the total long term disability, total and permanent disability, terminal illness or death of director/shareholder or sole trader of the business.

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Do I need Key Person Assurance?

If you are a small business owner, you need to think about Key Person Insurance. In fact, it may well be a better and more useful insurance option for you than income protection insurance.

Key Person Insurance is ideal for small businesses who have one or two staff who are key revenue generators, or whose work is vital to fulfilling contracts and keeping the business running. Their absence, whether by serious illness or injury, could have a devastating impact on a company’s financial wellbeing. Key Person Insurance ensures you are well protected, should this situation occur.

While income insurance is vital for those in paid employment, if you are a business owner, key person insurance may well be a better option.

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