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Group life - Employee Benefits

Group life cover is very attractive to potential employees who may be in poor health now, or have an unfavorable medical history that prevents them from qualifying for affordable life assurance or any life assurance at all.  Promotes employee loyalty and a positive workplace environment and culture. Skilled employees are attracted, motivated and retained by employers who provide insurance benefits. Premiums are usually lower than individual premium rates.

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Is Group life - Employee Benefits right for your business?

Many companies offer employees group life, disability and medical benefits in their employment package to attract and retain quality employees. For employees who fit this profile, they are guaranteed to be accepted for life and permanent disability cover. 

An uninsured applicant will want to work for a company that offer group insurance as part of their employee benefit package. You can insure the employee's salary for 3 or 5 times their annual salary. Portability is an important feature many employees will look for. 

Portability gives you the option for the insurance cover to continue if you are terminated, resign or retire.

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